Cuvée de Réserve – Brut – 1 er Cru

A blend of three grape varieties, all from Premier Cru vineyards : 45% Pinot Noir, 25% Pinot Meunier and 30% Chardonnay.

Brut Cuvée de Réserve has both the fruitiness and the freshness of
a very fine wine. It’s already been aged to perfect maturity so there’s
no need for you to keep it any longer; just enjoy it nicely chilled as
a cocktail, a summer time aperitif or to celebrate special family gettogethers.
You’ll find it goes marvellously with all sorts of pastries or with
Comté and Parmesan cheese which bring out all the full flavour of the Champagne.

Also exist in half bottles, magnums and jerobaum.

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Nature – Zéro Dosage – 1 er Cru

Brut Nature is created from the same blend as the Brut Cuvée de
Réserve : 45% Pinot Noir Premier Cru, 25% Pinot Meunier Premier
Cru and 30% Chardonnay Premier Cru.

It’s called Brut Nature because no sugar at all is added when the bottle is disgorged meaning that this is a champagne full of exuberance and vigour.

Perfect for a summer’s day in the open air with a simple picnic of quiche or pizza, in fact with any light and savoury dish, or just on its own as a crisp, refreshing aperitif.

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Rosé – Brut – 1 er Cru

85% Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier from Rilly-La-Montagne and MaillyChampagne with 15% Coteau Champenois still red wine, made from Pinot Noir, to bring color and fruitiness to the blend.

Classic Rosé Champagne: refreshing and perfect in Spring or Summer
as you relax in the shade on the terrace. There’s nothing to beat our
Brut Rosé with a bowl of fresh red fruit, or with a fruit tart…
You’ll find it’s a great match with baked fruit, with more exotic, lightly
spiced foods too and also with simple grilled meats such as steak, or
with pan-fried foie gras..

Also exist in half-bottles

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