Our Champagne House

Champagne Manceaux is :

– 5 generations of vienyards’ lovers starting with 
Edmond, followed by René, then Roger and now
 Patrick and his children.

– 5 Villages of the “Montagne de Reims” : Rilly la montagne,
Taissy, Trois-Puits and Villers-Allerand classified as Premier Cru and Mailly-Champagne classified as Grand Cru.

– 3 Grapes varieties : mainly Pinot Noir, also
Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

– The respect of traditions and biodiversity, integrated vienyards practices. Since 2016 Manceaux has a high environmental value certification.

– An expertise passed on from generation to generation and innovations within the vienyards and also in the wine production.